Zyxel WAX510D Wi-Fi Access Point offers control in your hands!


Zyxel WAX510D Access Point gives control and flexibility of Cloud with Nebula anytime, anywhere. 

Zyxel’s Access Point WAX510D gives ownership and control for your entire wi-fi network in the cloud, with Nebula Flex Professional Pack  

We understand that mounting an access point to the ceiling is not always possible due to challenging environments like warehouses, historical buildings or aesthetic real estate. Zyxel WAX510D access point will always fits your need. 

Zyxel WAX510D is equipped with dual-optimized antenna, which is selectable, thus allowing the access point to be available, for wall mount or ceiling mount option. It does not compromise on performance and coverage. Zyxel WAX510D access point offers seamless and high-speed connectivity to more concurrent users. 

With Nebula Cloud Controller, configuration and maintenance of enterprise wireless network is extremely easy. 

Active Directory integration on Nebula is smooth and data transport is quick. Content filtering and Security access are standard features included in this Access Point. 

WAX510D also helps 4G & 5G interface filters. Dual Optimized Antenna helps better coverage and wider spread of wireless signals. 

Call our local sales representative to conduct a DEMO of the product. This will help you understand, how to achieve more effective, efficient, and productive wireless network. You can email your requirements to vaibhavi@blossom.email 

ZYXEL WAX510D is a very high power WIFI6 Access Point. Suitable for deployment in enterprise, SMB, SME, SOHO or home network. It delivers performance and quality of experience in Wireless Network. 

Always Opt-in for original accessories for smoother networking experience.  

Blossom Inc is the authorized distributor for all ZYXEL products. 

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