Zyxel NWA210AX Fabulous Efficiency of WiFi 6 offers More Stable, More Secure & Wider Wireless Coverage…. !!  


The NWA210AX is truly the next generation of wireless (WiFi 6) AP, especially for businesses looking to strike the right balance between performance and budget. It embodies the full range of WiFi 6 technologies including UL/DL, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and 1024 QAM, which enables the ultra-fast speed of 2975 Mbps. The NWA210AX 4×4 (5G) + 2×2 (2.4G) antenna design boasts the most effective solution to guarantee that it provides smooth and consistently fast service to each client at all times. Also, it uses the second generation transmit beamforming technology incorporating Low End Sensitivity Improvements and Time Domain Channel Smoothing allowing data rates to increase for not only MU-MIMO clients, but for all existing ones as well. 

The NWA210AX is designed to deliver true WiFi 6 experience to users for various types of applications. Featuring 6 spatial streams (4×4:4 in 5GHz, 2×2:2 in 2.4GHz ), OFDMA and MU-MIMO capabilities, the NWA210AX can provide fabulous efficiency for your wireless networking. 

To meet the growing demands for WiFi connectivity, the NWA210AX enhances the network capacity with 2.90 Gbps WiFi speed and 2.5 Gbps multi-gigabit Ethernet port, which allows multi-gigabit speed run on the existing infrastructure without the need of re-cabling. The NWA210AX enables organizations such as schools, hotels, and retail stores to upgrade to the latest WiFi 6 technology easily without breaking the bank. 

The NWA210AX is not only efficient at delivering impressive speeds with its 
smooth and consistent delivery to wireless clients, but it is also efficient on 
power. The NWA210AX can deliver its impressive performance while keeping the consumption of PoE within the PoE+ standard, so that you can enjoy the latest WiFi 6 technology, experiencing first-hand the uncompromising multi- gigabit speed when coupling without the need of re-cabling. 

1. Bringing next generation WiFi within reach 

WiFi 6 made tremendous improvement by introducing new technologies such as orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ODFMA), and spatial re-use, which is also referred to as Basic Service Set (BSS) coloring. It aims to satisfy all the requirements of rapidly growing mobile users simultaneously. Zyxel’s new NWA210AX is a true WiFi 6 access point which supports essential 11ax functions that deliver faster performance and massive increased capacity make the user experience even better. 

2. NebulaFlex – simply manage it your way! 

The NebulaFlex provides extended flexibility, allowingn users to easily switch among standalone, or our intuitive cloud managed NCC (Nebula Control Center) modes any time according to your needs without additional cost while protecting wireless technology investments. The Nebula cloud management platform provides centralized control and visibility over all Nebula networking devices. Simply you only need to register the device on NCC, and it will automatically join, auto provision and begin to give real-time information. The intuitive platform allows you to group your access points together, control centrally, gain access to diagnostics tools and additional features like captive portal all under a single platform. 

3. 4G/5G cellular network coexistence 

With the exponential growth of mobile devices in the wireless network, users start to experience degraded performance, such as ping drops and high latency, however whenever user shutdown the mobile equipment, wireless service resumes working smooth. Thus, to enable 4G/5G cellular network coexistence and minimize interference from 4G/5G antennas or signal boosters, the NWA210AX has built-in 4G/5G interference filters. As a result, the visible or invisible 4G/5G indoor antennas in the environment are no longer an issue when installing APs. 


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