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Nebula Control Centre and Mobile Application

Do you wish to control, monitor and manage your networks at ease with Nebula Control Center

Zyxel offers a comprehensive product portfolio from wireless to wired, featuring rich technology options of Access Points, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching and Unified Security Gateways. In addition to this, it offers these devices to be controlled with cloud-based networking monitoring portal – Nebula Control Centre [NCC].

This Nebula cloud-based portal presents an intuitive interface, that allows you to configure, manage and troubleshoot all distributed networks from one single screen without the complexity of remote site access.

Nebula Control Center and Mobile Application
Nebula Control Center and Mobile Application

At the CORE, Zyxel is committed to following the latest national data protection regulations, such as the GDPR and OECD Privacy Principles.

Nebula Control Center [NCC] brings a fresh visibility in network monitoring. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and helps in configuring, monitoring and managing a wide range of wired, wireless, security hardware and fixed wireless access points, switches, security firewalls to 5G/LTE mobile routers without any complexity of accessing it remotely. A handy mobile application just added another feather to the cap.

Notable features of Nebula Control Center [NCC] are:

  • ‘Zero touch – efficient deployment – A simple scan of the QR Code on Nebula Device or outside of carton before on-site deployment, just gets it registered with Nebula Control Center. All Nebula Devices get discovered when they are scanned and connected to NCC. All preconfigured settings are applied automatically. This eliminates the need of human error during device configurations.
  • Superb network performance – Nebula not only provides a stable network environment by incorporating a mechanism that prevents configurations that could potentially cause network disconnection between the device and NCC, but also comes with a comprehensive range of features such as DCS, Load Balancing and Smart Client Steering to ensure faster connections for the best user experience.
  • Nebula Services for Managed Services Providers – NCC’s MSP Pack facilitates efficient cross-organization management NCC, which assists in delivering superior service to Managed Service Providers’ customers. With this pack, MSP services offer enablement of single pane-of-glass portal for multi-tenant (organization) management, customizable MSP-branded dashboard with support contact numbers and centralized, yet flexible user management tool for admins as well as team grouping, thus, quickly adapting to changes on member privileges.

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