Zyxel Hospitality Solutions gives a boost to satisfaction of your customers

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Zyxel Networks is one of the world leaders in network technologies. Their varied service offerings include hospitality solutions, digital learning, smart classroom and more.

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with over 30+ years of networking expertise, offers varied switches, firewalls and wireless access points for industries, enterprises, small medium businesses.  Today, they combine the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for Enterprises, SME businesses and home users alike.

Zyxel offers a comprehensive product portfolio from wireless to wired, featuring rich technology options of Wireless Access Points, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching, Unified Security Gateways and Advanced Threat Protection Firewalls. These Nebula-powered devices are controlled with cloud-based networking monitoring portal – Nebula Control Center [NCC]. The cloud portal presents an intuitive interface, which allows you to configure, manage and troubleshoot all distributed networks from one single screen without the complexity of remote site access.

At the CORE, Zyxel is committed to following the latest national data protection regulations, such as the GDPR and OECD Privacy Principles.

Zyxel Hospitality Solutions

Zyxel’s Hospitality Solutions give a boost to customer satisfaction and your business. Eager to help, let’s connect!!

Internet access services have become a crucial factor in selecting business hotels in recent years. Therefore, for the hotel owners, building a fast and accessible High-Speed Internet Access environment not only reinforces the competitive advantages, but also fosters customer loyalty. The Zyxel’s Hospitality Solution has well-anticipated the actual networking hardware needed for setting up a High-Speed Internet Access environment and provides a comprehensive turnkey solution which decreases the system integration time and cut cost to the minimum.

Through our hospitality solution, hotel owners can provide high speed broadband access within guest rooms and conference rooms, without altering the existing network cables. In addition to bountiful bandwidth, which is helpful in featuring multimedia services such as video conferencing, and even on-demand video broadcasting.

Zyxel’s Hospitality Solutions also includes seamless wireless connection for hotel guests to surf the Net without changing the setting on their devices; it also serves as the authentication, authorization, and account tracking system for the hotel. Through accessing email servers on the Nebula Cloud Centre, guests can send and receive emails, as well as surfing the Net; and hotel owners can present featured services on the website. These devices also allow VPN connection to pass through, for hotel guests to establish secured communication with their company intranet.

They have a clear objective: Let’s make comprehensive hospitality network infrastructure to provide customers with high-quality services, while protecting their sensitive data.

So, whenever customers decide to deploy Zyxel products, they receive highly quantifiable results, which helps in expansion of business growth and increase in their shareholder value.

Customers achieve phenomenal results with:

  • Top-notch technology delivering high-performance and flexible network infrastructure to enhance work efficiency.
  • Easy to deploy WLAN hotspot throughout the institution for faster access and seamless video conferences.
  • Stay ahead of threats with Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR)
  • Blocks unsafe contents and brings application visibility with throttling to streamline connectivity (CNP)
  • Intelligent social media authentication by Facebook WiFi.
  • Supports Hospitality features including Hotspot and concurrent device upgrade.
  • Separate networks of hospitality staff and customers to ensure secure internet access.
  • Central and easy management of WiFi network.
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