Zyxel Hospitality Solutions give a boost to customer satisfaction and your business…!! 


The Zyxel Hospitality Solution also includes seamless wireless connection for hotel guests to surf the Net without changing the setting on their devices; it also serves as the authentication, authorization and account tracking system for the hotel. Through accessing email servers on the Nebula Cloud Centre, guests can send and receive emails, as well as surfing the Net; and hotel owners can present featured services on the website. These devices also allow VPN connection to pass through, for hotel guests to establish secured communication with their company intranet. 

Hospitality Solutions from Zyxel helps you to surpass guest expectations, build loyalty, boost customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. Zyxel’s comprehensive product portfolio offers seamless wireless connection, customized solutions ,punctual deployments within tight schedules and problem solving networking expertise. 

Zyxel’s Hospitality Solutions gives secure, easy and cloud-managed WiFi on boarding. It helps you stay ahead of threats with CDR (Collaborative, Detection & Response) integrates easily with your Hotel Hospitality Entertainment System giving your guests a smooth TV experience.

The Zyxel GS1920v2 Smart Managed Switch Series introduces Zyxel NebulaFlex™ that allows you to easily switch between standalone and our license-free Nebula cloud management platform anytime with just a few simple clicks. The NebulaFlex™ protects your investment on wired technology by offering the flexibility to transition to the cloud in your own time, without

The GS1920v2 Series includes fan less and built-in smart fan models. The smart fan is designed to automatically adjust speeds based on the device temperature, starting at 26 dBA max at 25°C ambient with GS1920-48v2. You can barely hear the sound while the GS1920v2 Series is working. It is ideal for your office environment. 

The NWA1123ACv3 ensures an optimized wireless experience for users by combining wireless technologies like Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS), Load Balancing, and bean forming technology. DCS minimizes the interference of co-channel and overlapping channels, while Load Balancing enables administrators to easily set limits on the number of clients associated with each AP. The second generation transmit beam forming technology 
incorporating Low End Sensitivity Improvements and Time Domain Channel Smoothing allowing data rates to increase for not only MU-MIMO clients, but for all existing ones as well. 

The NWA1123ACv3 offers a standalone mode, allowing you to set up each AP via its local user-friendly web interface and setup wizard. The wizard will quickly guide you through the initial setup and have your AP up and running in minutes. Additionally, you can manage and monitor the AP via traditional SNMP methods that you may have already in place. The NWA1123ACv3 is also part of the Zyxel One Network. This means that you can use the complimentary Zyxel One Network Utility to help with repetitive operations during deployment. 


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