ZyXEL GS1920v2 Switches are designed for long haul with WAX610D provide state-of-the-art hardware and robustness to your businesses. 


ZyXEL GS1920v2 Smart Managed Switches are designed for long haul, provide state-of-the-art hardware and robustness to your businesses. 

Zyxel WAX510D WiFi-6 Access Point Series offers coverage of minimum 2500 sq ft. and supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz speed simultaneously. 

This AX1800 WiFi-6 Access point is the smartest choice with dual-optimized antenna, Anti-noise spreader, Surge and ESD Protection and 4G/5G Filter (which minimizes interference from cellular networks) 

All of them experienced pains of extremely poor network performance, problems in managing complex networks and increasing data-breaches with cyber-attacks at regular intervals. 

Their network outages impacted their business outcomes and resulted in high losses.   

ZYXEL GS1920v2 Smart Managed Switch Series:  

Zyxel GS1920v2 Smart Managed Switch Series offers 8/24/48-port GbE speed and essential managing functions that bring flexibility and connectivity to your business network.  

They provide power-saving functions and full IPv6 support to ensure your network is ready for future expansions in your business. In addition, the PoE models support the IEEE 802.3at standards, that provide a maximum of 30 watts per port. The smart fan and fan-less designs of the GS1920v2 Smart Managed Switch Series, just empower your networks with silent operation in your office. 

Benefits of GS1920v2 Smart Managed Switch Series: 

  • Experience whisper-silent operations 

The GS1920v2 Series includes fan-less and built-in smart fan models for silent operations in your workplace. 

·       User-friendly LED indicators 

The complete Zyxel GS1920 Series has an essential portfolio of 8/24/48 -port rackmount size with GbE connectivity. View real-time status instantly with cloud and PoE power-usage LED indicators. 

  • Intelligence to power more devices [PoE models] 

GS1920v2 smart managed switch series provides 30W per port and a wide range of power budget options from 130W to 375W – ideal for denser PoE deployments. This means default consumption mode boosts efficiency by delivering the actual power required.

Benefits of WAX510D :- 

1.Bringing next generation WiFi within reach 

Zyxel’s new WAX510D is a true WiFi 6 access point that delivers faster performance and massive increased- capacity, which along with unique Zyxel dual optimized antenna technology, make the user experience even better. 
Apart from running at 25% faster speed, the WAX510D can also accommodate more client devices without any fall-off in speed, allowing an easy scale-up capacity to support hundreds of connections without increased latency. 
2. NebulaFlex Pro – simply manage it your way! 

The NebulaFlex Pro provides extended flexibility, allowing users to easily switch among standalone, on-promises controller or our intuitive NCC (Nebula Control Center) modes any time according to your needs without additional cost while protecting wireless technology investments. 
The privilege of one-year professional pack you can get once upon registration on Nebula includes wireless health, site-wide topology, 365-day statistics on the devices and clients monitoring along with more upcoming advanced features on NCC and its App. 

3. Unparalleled high-density performance 

Essentially, there are two technologies that make a real difference in WiFi 6 – orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ODFMA), and spatial re-use, which is also referred to as Basic Service Set (BSS) coloring. These make WiFi 6 a much more efficient technology than 802.11ac. The BSS coloring allows multiple access points to be used in the same vicinity without fear of co-channel interference.  

4. Superior performance with innovative 

“Dual-optimized” antenna People without RF expertise may not realize that installing an AP optimized for ceiling-mount as wall-mount may cause the ceiling-mount radiation pattern to interfere with other devices up- or downstairs as well as to deliver signals with shorter-than-expected range for its clients. Designed with the innovative “Dual-optimized” antenna, the WAX510D adapts to both wall- and ceiling-mount installations. Thus, 
users can switch between the two optimized antenna modes easily to fit either situation. To boost WiFi speeds for your network, the WAX510D is definitely an excellent choice. 
5. 4G/5G cellular network coexistence 

With the growing pervasiveness of mobile devices in the wireless network, users start to experience degraded performance, such as ping drops and high latency, however whenever user shutdown the mobile equipment, wireless service resumes working smooth. Thus, to enable 4G/5G cellular network coexistence and minimize interference from 4G/5G antennas or signal boosters, the WAX510D has built-in 4G/5G interference filters. As a result, the visible or invisible 4G/5G indoor antennas in the environment is no longer an issue when installing APs. *1: The licensing terms may vary depending on part numbers or regions Please contact your local sales representative. 


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