WAC6103D-I ultra-fast ultra-slim WiFi AP

Zyxel WAC6103D-I ultra-fast ultra-slim

Today’s wireless market

Wireless market in India is expanding fast. In addition to it, cloud management is also becoming a norm. Many know cloud management is a simpler, faster, and much more efficient way to handle larger networks. But at times, managing multiple devices configured in multiple modes without cloud management can become a nightmare for network administrators. Addressing this, Zyxel WAC6103D-I offers NebulaFlex Pro with full flexibility for users to switch between standalone, controller-managed, and cloud-managed modes.

An Access Point with ceiling-mount pattern installed as wall-mount cannot achieve its best signal coverage and could cause interference. It’s no doubt that a WiFi AP with installation flexibility, optimal performance and stylish exterior is a necessity today.

Zyxel WAC6103D-I ultra-fast ultra-slim
Zyxel WAC6103D-I ultra-fast ultra-slim

Most access points on the market are designed with a single static radiation pattern and it typically only supports ceiling-mount installation. However, in the real-world ceiling-mount deployment is not always feasible for locations such as high ceiling warehouses, fancy ceiling lobbies or atriums

Zyxel WAC6103D-I dual-optimized antenna AP

Different from those traditional access points, Zyxel’s innovative “Dual-optimized” antenna design is a ground-breaking technology, offering adjustable antenna patterns fitting for ceiling-mount or wall-mount scenario without compromising performance.

Zyxel’s WAC6103D-I is a high performance 3-stream 802.11ac WiFi AP featuring ultra-fast speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps with ground-breaking antenna design.

With the innovative adjustable antenna, the WAC6103D-I provides two optimized signal coverage types for either ceiling-mount or wall-mount deployments. Even better, the stylish, ultra-slim industrial design perfectly blends into modern decorations. Choose WAC6103D-I for constant, no-compromise WiFi performance.

Benefits to implement WAC6103D-I Access Point

Below are few major benefits, which can be achieved for enterprises.

  • Streamlined deployment tools save valuable time – WAC6103D-I features APFlexTM to simplify managed/standalone AP mode configuration and to facilitate integration into network environments automatically so pre-install preparation can be eliminated. The ZWO (Zyxel Wireless Optimizer) Utility also allows IT managers to perform AP planning, coverage detection and wireless health management centrally. ZyMesh is Zyxel’s proprietary protocol for creating wireless mesh links for easy configuration, optimized management, and enhanced reliability. These user-friendly tools not only save time, but also facilitate faster responses to network issues.
  • Optimized wireless experience with advanced feature settings – With a range of wireless features, the WAC6103D-I ensures optimized wireless experience for users. Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS) avoids interference of co-channel and overlapping channel at initialization, while Load Balancing enables administrators to limit the number of clients associated with each AP. Smart Client Steering features with Band Select, Signal Threshold and Band Balancing, offering stable, reliable wireless connections. The WAC6103D-I has been certified with industrial-strength WPA2 enterprise protection and features Layer-2 isolation. With these technologies, the WAC6103D-I delivers consistent, uninterrupted, and highly secured wireless access experience to its use.
  • Ultra-slim, stylish exterior blends into environments – The WAC6103D-I inherits the stylish honeycomb exterior design of the Zyxel WAC6500 Series, its low-profile white color blends perfectly into most modern decorations. The compact, elegant design makes WAC6103D-I flexible for different decors – it can be as outstanding as understated
  • Robust Hardware –
    • Solid capacitor for longevity – All-solid capacitor design provides up to six times lifespan than electrolytic capacitors that delivers better stability and reliability.
    • Fine art of RF design – The WAC6103D-I isolates RF circuits by solid shielding frames. Thus, RF noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are mitigated, meanwhile RF performance is enhanced as well.

Nebula Flex Pro allows users to switch among standalone, on-premises controller managed or intuitive Nebula cloud managed modes as needed.


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