The Zyxel USG FLEX700 Firewall offers Flexible Deployment with Precise Protection, dedicated for Small Medium Business and Enterprises…


The newly designed USG FLEX 700 Firewall is capable of minimizing computing power usage and maximizing firewall performance, delivering up to 5x UTM performance with cloud flexibility and collaborative protection to help connect and secure small or mid-sized business users. 

The new USG FLEX Firewall Series are added to Nebula Cloud Management, which strongly empowers the full-blown Zyxel Security Matrix, offering holistic security and protection for SMB and enterprise business networks.  This interface provides a centralized provisioning security policy to the remote workforce from Nebula and traffic shaping eliminating the network bottleneck to fuel the best business productivity. 

We are all aware of “New Normal” of working. REMOTE Working… it is here to stay attached to our professional life. USG FLEX Firewall applies the principles of Zero Trust Access, hereby ensuring same security controls and protocols are laid for everyone. It creates access policy with device contextual such as OS version or device category to enforce network segmentation. This reduces the attack surface and prevents threats from spreading. 

The new USG FLEX Firewalls minimize risk by adding granular policies and access authentication for the ever-growing needs of a secure workplace. In addition, they improve protection across identities, devices, applications, and network. Thereby reducing risk and building trust across your entire digital assets. 

Few features of USG FLEX Firewall Series: 

  • Self-evolving cloud intelligence 
    Cloud intelligence receives all unknown files or user patterns from Zyxel ATP firewall’s enquiry then identifies and archives inspection results by Threat Intelligence Machine Learning. It then pushes the most top-ranked threat signature into all ATP firewalls so that all ATP 
    devices are all within the seamless defense shield against new unknown threats. With the real-time cloud-device synchronization, the cloud intelligence becomes a continuously-growing and self-evolving security defense ecosystem, adaptive to external attacks and also more importantly keeping all ATP firewalls in sync at all times. 
  • Sandboxing emulates unknown to known 
    Sandboxing is an isolated cloud environment to contain unknown files that cannot be identified by existing security service on device and to emulate those unknown files to identify whether they are malicious or not. Key values from sandboxing is to inspect packet behavior in isolation so the potential threat does not enter the network at all, and also to identify new malware types which the conventional static security mechanism may not detect. Cloud sandboxing with Zyxel ATP Firewall Series is preventive measure for zero-day attacks of all sorts. 
  • High assurance multi-layered protection 
    ATP Firewall is designed with multi-layer protection against multiple types of threats from inside and out. Sandboxing, Anti-Malware, Reputation Filter, and Intrusion Prevention block external attacks while Application Patrol and Web 
    Filtering empower you to restrict users’ inappropriate application usage or web access.  
  • Deep insight into all your device 
    Device Insight gives you more visibility of your networks including wired, wireless, BYOD, and IoT devices. You can create access policy with device contextual such as OS version or device category to enforce network segmentation. This reduces the attack surface and prevents threats from spreading. It also helps SMB(s) reduce time spent on investigation.  
  • Comprehensive Web Filtering service 
    ATP Firewall delivers enhanced web filtering functionality and security through its powerful combination of both reputation and category-based filtering. The dynamic content categorization analyzes the content of a previously unknown website and domain and determines if it belongs to an undesirable category including gambling, pornography, games, and many others. A newly added DNS Content Filter offers a better approach to inspect web access, particularly when the website is deploying ESNI (Encrypted Server Name Indication) where the traditional URL filtering failed to identify the destination domain. 


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