The Zyxel USG FLEX Firewalls offer Flexible Deployment with Precise Protection, dedicated for Small Medium Business and Enterprises….. 


The USG FLEX Firewall Series offers one single management platform on the cloud while expanding and strengthening the protection from firewalls to access points with automatic responses. 

The newly designed USG FLEX Firewall Series is capable of minimizing computing power usage and maximizing firewall performance, delivering up to 5x UTM performance with cloud flexibility. 

The new USG FLEX Firewall Series is added to Nebula Cloud Management, which strongly empowers the full-blown Zyxel Security Matrix, offering holistic security and protection for SMB and enterprise business networks.  This interface provides a centralized provisioning security policy to the remote workforce from Nebula and traffic shaping eliminating the network bottleneck to fuel the best business productivity. 

We are all aware of “New Normal” of working. REMOTE Working… it is here to stay attached to our professional life. USG FLEX Firewall applies the principles of Zero Trust Access, hereby ensuring same security controls and protocols are laid for everyone. It creates access policy with device contextual such as OS version or device category to enforce network segmentation. This reduces the attack surface and prevents threats from spreading. 

The new USG FLEX Firewalls minimize risk by adding granular policies and access authentication for the ever-growing needs of a secure workplace. In addition, they improve protection across identities, devices, applications, and network. Thereby reducing risk and building trust across your entire digital assets. 

Few features of USG FLEX Firewall Series: 

  • Safeguarding Remote-Connectivity: With the growing number of devices, businesses must strike the right balance for employee productivity. Thereby, security protection becomes the foremost point for every enterprise to always maintain it throughout. Whether it is wired, wireless or an IoT device, the Secure Wi-Fi service sets up a secure L2 tunnel for Remote workers to avail themselves of a seamless and secure working experience, as if they were working from their office environment. This boosts employee productivity and eases IT Support. The Secure WiFi service also unlocks the number of managed APs to maximum for the USG FLEX firewall. 
  • Comprehensive Web-Filtering: USG FLEX Firewall delivers enhanced web filtering functionality and security through its powerful combination of both reputation and category-based filtering. Their newly added DNS content filter offers a better approach to inspect web access, particularly when the website is deploying ESNI (Encrypted Server Name Indication) where the traditional URL filtering is not applicable to the destination domain. 
  • Enhanced Insights and Analytics: USG FLEX Firewall dashboard gives user-friendly traffic summary and threat statistic visuals. It also offers Centralized Visibility of network activities for you to easily manage multiple clients. Customers can utilize SecuReporter feature for further threat analysis with correlation feature design, making it easy to proactively trackback network status to prevent the next threat event. 
  • CDR Capabilities: Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR) is used to identify threats and risks posed in the more complex organization workforce, workload, and workplace. The USG FLEX Firewalls detect a threat on any of the connected clients and will sync with the Nebula Control Centre, then automatically respond to Cyber Threats, and contain the device(s) at the Edge (Wireless Access Point) of your network. It is a perfect fit for the IT team to address the requirements of a decentralized network infrastructure and provide automatic protection. 

ZYXEL USG FLEX Firewalls are ICSA Labs, USA Certified, continuously since 20 years, delivering Excellence in Information Security Testing. 

Note: ICSA Labs, USA Today are a premier institution, which gives certification to security devices after detailed and rigorous tests.


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