Derwiser® Cat 6 SFTP LSZH Armored Cable


Cat 6 SFTP LSZH Armored Cable


This Cable Consists of PE Insulated 23AWG Solid Bare Annealed Copper Conductors, Twisted 4 Pairs Laid up over PE X separator, complete four pair core wrapped by overall Polyester Tape, Overall AL-PET Foil (Mylar tape, Overall Braiding, Inner PVC sheath, ECCS ARMOUR and then Outer LSZH Jacket.


100 Base–T4, 100 Base–Tx, 1000 Base–T (Gigabit Ethernet),100VG-Any Lan, 155Mbps ATM, 622Mbps ATM. Including Voice/Data Systems, Digital Video, Broadband and Voice over internet protocol etc.


1.Complies to the requirements of TIA/EIA 568 C.2,
2.ISO/IEC 11801–2nd Edition
3.Cable Characterized up to 250 MHz
4.Double Sheath
5.ECCS Armour
6.Overall Mylar Tape Screen
7.Overall Tinned Copper Conductor Braiding
8.Outdoor Application