Aruba 6200F 48G 4SFP+ Switch (JL726A)

The CX 6200 series brings ease of use and powerful, built-in analytics with troubleshooting capabilities to the access layer.

This cloud-manageable stackable access switch series is ideal for enterprise branch offices and campus networks, as well as SMBs. The fully programmable CX 6200 series supports a choice of management, including cloud-based and on-prem Central, CLI, switch Web GUI and programmability with AOS-CX operating system, and REST APIs.


Aruba 6200F 48G 4SFP+ Switch (JL726A)

The Aruba CX 6200 Switch Series is a next-gen family of stackable access switches ideal for enterprise branch offices, campuses, and SMB networks. Created for game-changing operational efficiency with built in analytics and automation, the CX 6200 switches provide an enterprise-class access layer solution that’s simple and secure.

Built from the ground up with a combination of cutting-edge hardware, software and analytics and automation tools, the stackable CX 6200 switches are part of the Aruba CX switching portfolio. By combining a modern, fully programmable OS with the Aruba Network Analytics Engine, the CX 6200 brings industry leading monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities to the access layer.

Key Features

Enterprise-class connectivity with support for ACLs, robust QoS and common protocols such as static
  and Access OSPF routing

Scalability with 8 member switch VSF stacking
Convenient built-in 1/10GbE uplinks and up to 740W of Class 4 PoE
Intelligent monitoring, visibility, and troubleshooting with Aruba Network Analytics Engine
Manage via single pane of glass with Aruba Central across wired, wireless, and WAN
Simple, one touch deployment with the Aruba CX Mobile App
Automated configuration and verification with Aruba NetEdit
Secure and simple access for users and IoT with Aruba Dynamic Segmentation

Product Differentiators

AOS-CX – a modern software system

The Aruba CX 6200 Switch Series is based on AOS-CX, a modern, database-driven operating system that automates and simplifies many critical and complex network tasks. A built-in time series database enables customers and developers to utilize software scripts for historical troubleshooting, as well as analysis of past trends.

Aruba NetEdit – automated switch configuration and management

The Aruba CX portfolio empowers IT teams to orchestratemultiple switch configuration changes for smooth end-to-end service rollouts. Aruba NetEdit introduces automation that allows for rapid network-wide changes, and ensures policy conformance post network updates. Intelligent capabilities include search, edit, validation (including conformance checking), deployment and audit features.

Aruba Central – unified single pane of glass management

Aruba Central is an AI-powered solution that simplifies IT operations, improves agility, and reduces costs by
unifying management of all network infrastructure. Built for
enterprise-grade resiliency and security, while simple enough for smaller businesses with limited IT staff, Aruba Central is your single point of visibility and control that spans the entire network—from branch to data center, wired and wireless LAN to WAN.

Aruba CX Mobile App – unparalleled deployment convenience

An easy-to-use mobile app simplifies connecting, stacking and managing Aruba CX 6200 switches for any size project. Switch information can also be imported into Aruba NetEdit for simplified configuration management and to continuously validate the conformance of configurations anywhere in the network.

Aruba Network Analytics Engine – advanced monitoring and diagnostics

For enhanced visibility and troubleshooting, Aruba’s Network Analytics Engine (NAE) automatically monitors and analyzes events that can impact network health. Advanced telemetry and automation provide the ability to easily identify and troubleshoot network, system, application and security related issues easily, through the use of Python agents, CLI- based agents, and REST APIs.