Zyxel Nebula Control Center enables Zero Touch deployment with ease.


Zyxel Nebula Control Center helps you manage multiple devices with easy interface. 
Low complexity and management of wide range of devices can be done with Zyxel’s Nebula Control Center 

Zyxel Nebula Control Center (NCC) manages wide range of networking and security devices ranging from access points, switches to security gateways and firewalls without complexity of remote site access. 

Zero Touch and Trust Network Access – Configuration | Control |Security | Deployment | Authentication | Accounting | Architecture | Monitoring | Performance | Quality of Experience 

Zyxel Nebula Cloud Control Center:  

With enhanced possibilities to have end to end network, security and wireless available at one single console. Nebula from ZYXEL is a must for your network to improve efficiency and quality of experience. 

Also gives you information on user access, errors, issues, and provides you fast and easy configuration access to all products. Central Firewall, Core or Top of The Rack Switch, Edge Switches, Wireless Access Points, all can be a part of one single console to review and easy to work around with.  

Your experience further improves by adding multiple locations or branches in one organisation and look at the varied parameters of utilisation. Creating power saving mode, auto scheduling and multiple option to properly manage your network assets are readily available for users and administrators. 

Whether you opt for basic or free pack or opt for professional paid pack, All basic configurations remain the same. This gives you as an added advantage of doing away with the recurring cost spends for network management. 

All Zyxel equipments continue to work and provide you with efficient logs and alerts like any network device, even without the professional pack licenses. Further as modern-day hybrid products it also enables you to opt out of cloud and become an on-premises equipment with a simple click of your choice. 

Zyxel products offer comfort of knowing and managing every device from one console and sorts out issues before anyone points it out to you. At its core, ZYXEL treats customer privacy better, assures zero breach into your private data. 

Zyxel’s devices only work on syncing the configuration of any active device on cloud. All the information and alerts are available online on console, as email alerts and even on the free mobile app. This makes device management extremely easy. 

Zyxel Zero Touch Mobile Application 

Simply scans the QR Code on each Nebula device or on the outer carton before on-site deployment. After being registered to a network, Nebula devices are automatically discovered when they’re connected, and preconfigured settings are automatically applied. 

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Zyxel – Your Network Ally

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