ZYXEL Zero-Trust Network Security shields your business network


ZYXEL’s Security offers network Scrutiny, Analysis and Reporting, in few clicks 
Zyxel SecuReporter cloud-based solution offers Zero-Trust Network Security. 

Zyxel SecuReporter, A cloud-based solution, eliminates the need to purchase or maintain additional dedicated hardware. 

Many of these issues faced by IT Admins, NOC Managers, Department HODs, Call Center Heads today, are….. 

  • One of your users just clicked a link in a phishing email, causing a company-wide virus outbreak. But could you find which one did? 
  • Some employee is consuming company bandwidth with an unauthorized network use. So, do you know who it is? 
  • Aren’t you tired of spending your valuable time, monitoring and tracking down network security issues, everyday, significantly? 
  • Specifically, are you killing your peace of mind, over company’s network protection, from viruses, hackers, malware, ransomware or bots? 
Safety of your business network is your priority 

We brought the best minds in the IT industry together to create an all new SecuReporter. 

SecuReporter is a cloud-based intelligent security analytics software solution that gathers data from ZYXEL series. Additionally, it provides intuitive working interface for IT professionals. It provides network administrators with centralized view and control of all activity, including potential threats across managed networks. 

Simultaneously, you can forget scanning thousands of network logs for clues, SecuReporter saves valuable time and IT resources. In fact, it analyses each event down to the user level allowing administrators to take precise action. 

In addition, it can even identity the specific user, that clicks a malicious URL, intentionally or unintentionally. 

A cloud-based solution, SecuReporter eliminates the need to purchase or maintain additional dedicated hardware. 
For anytime, anywhere coverage, the SecuReporter Mobile Application provides IT administrators with a mobile monitoring platform, so they never miss a security alert… 

Zyxel SecuReporter cloud-based solution offers Zero-Trust Network Security. 

SecuReporter offers many features for safety from cyberattacks

We have listed important ones for better understanding: 

  • Dashboard – offers centralized display of massive network data into clear data points. identically all pins on the map show threats’ origin and targets. Color of pin indicates type of attack and size of the indicates frequency of attack. moreover, it is extremely easy to detect, what is the kind of attack, where are threats coming from, how are they impacting traffic usage and occurrence of attack. Easy viewability, Simplified data makes dashboard, simple to understand. 
  • Device – offers connected information, by displaying traffic usage and transfer rate of WAN-LAN equally, Session usage and CPU-Memory performance. It even offers license key activation status and detailed information too. 
  • Search – makes it easier to search your log data, albeit, by filtering along with specific time period data for analytics. Remember, ZYXEL Firewall sends huge amount of data to SecuReporter for long-term retention without storage limitation. 
  • Report – offers summary of data with a graphical interface in HTML or PDF format. You can always customize information, in a desired format. Additionally, you can easily include company details and logo for your clients as well. 

All-in-all, you get more from SecuReporter to drive value-added services like multi-tier accounts, to provide managed security services to your customers. Moreover, SecuReporter also features easy-to use and customizable templates to support your services. 

ZYXEL’s SecuReporter enables fast response, to security events that occur in your access points and network switches. In SecuReporter also maximizes network security with minimal effort or expense at any time, from anywhere. 

“We are ZYXEL, and We are your Networking Ally” 

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