Logistics Solutions by Zyxel enhances business growth for their customers


Globalization is a process that has been influencing the worldwide economy and the relations between individual countries for decades. Its impact on the formation of reliable IT networks is enormous. Logistics solutions from Zyxel leaves their customers delighted with their effortless implementation and stable performance throughout.

With changing times, Logistics and Forwarding companies, all around the world have relied on high-speed network solutions to enhance their resource productivity and product delivery timelines. They do this to survive in international markets and stay ahead in competition. High performance IT Networks are KEY to this. They rely on high-speed networks to keep up with transport timelines.

Nebula Cloud offers efficient basis of fluent networking:

In current times, logistics solutions from Zyxel Networks are constantly delivering performance with their nebula enabled devices and nebula cloud, by covering all the business network requirements for a global market. Through this efficient collaboration with internal IT networks, logistics companies can secure competitive advantages within the global landscape and bring stupendous business growth.

An intelligent and reliable OEM like Zyxel Networks facilitates this collaboration, by offering adaptability within the customer’s IT network setup.

Logistics Solutions from Zyxel India delivers their promise

Zyxel Networks is one of the world leaders in network technologies. Their varied product portfolio offerings include wireless to wired, featuring rich technology, nebula enabled devices.

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with over 30+ years of networking expertise, offers varied switches, firewalls and wireless access points for industries, enterprises, small medium businesses.  Today, they combine the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for Enterprises, SME businesses and home users alike.

Logistics Solutions from Zyxel Networks addresses many challenges faced:

Many logistics companies face numerous challenges in managing their IT network and connectivity with their global locations. They need to address several pain-points to deliver business requirements at a fast pace. Few of them are:

  • To provide high-quality wireless connectivity to the office, warehouse, and guest network.
  • There is an eminent need for a high-speed wired network that supports cloud network and IP telephony for the headquarters and branches.
  • Offer separate and secure networks compliant with GDPR and support advanced security and fail-over technologies.
  • Allow access to package label printers and automatic scales to cloud management system at a third-party supplier.

Customers get immense benefits after implementing devices from Zyxel Networks

Zyxel networks bring a steady and reliable wireless network across the company’s premises to help employees work effortlessly. Few definitive results of offered logistics solutions are:

  • A robust wired network with cloud-support for headquarters and branches.
  • GDPR compliance across the network ensures peace of mind for the company management from any privacy-related issues.
  • Secure connectivity with third-party networks for seamless cross-utilization of devices like package label printers and automatic scales.

We have chosen Zyxel Networks, who are our unique technological partner and thank them for meeting the various requirements of our company, in telephony, Internet, networking, and IT security.

CEO of a global logistics provider in India

Logistics solutions has salient benefits, which always result in customer delight.

These outcomes convince customers in deciding to implement logistics solutions from Zyxel Networks in their companies:

  • Improved network security and theft detection.
  • Higher employee safety.
  • End-to-end product tracking.
  • Providing IT with advanced analytics and customized dashboard.
  • Improvement of product delivery within committed times.

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