Wishes for Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

Celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born in Patna on December 22 1666, and is one of the great religious leaders who stood against oppression and social discrimination.
He ruled the Sikhs after the death of his father, who was martyred while fighting for the rights of Kashmiri Hindus.

He became the 10th leader of Sikhs at the age of nine after the death of his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh Ji.
He is recognised by people to pay tribute and homage to the brave Sikh leader, who is an inspiration to millions of people worldwide.

Below mentioned sacred Khalsa Vani of Sikhs was formed by him.

In Punjabi : ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਫਤਹਿ

In Hindi : वाहेगुरु दा खालसा वाहेगुरु दी फ़तेह

In English : vaaheguru da khaalsa, vaaheguru dee fateh

Happy Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
Happy Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2024

The establishment of ‘Khalsa Panth’, which is considered the most important day in the history of Sikhs, was done by him. Guru Gobind Sahib had founded ‘Guru Granth’ Sahib, the holy scripture of the Sikhs. He was also rich in melodious voice. Along with this, he was full of tolerance and simplicity. He always fought for the poor and asked to give equal rights to everyone, and gave the message of living in brotherhood.

The teachings given by Guru Gobind Singh are very important for the Khalsa Panth and Sikhs even today.

  • If you have made a promise to someone, then you have to keep it at all costs.
  • One should always avoid backbiting or criticizing anyone, and it is beneficial to work hard instead of being jealous of someone.
  • Work hard at work and never become careless about the work.
  • Memorize Gurbani.
  • Donate one tenth of your earnings to charity.

This day holds lots of significance in lives of Sikh community. They celebrate “Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s” birth anniversary to honour his great contribution towards Sikhism and preaching the five basic principles of Khalsa.

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