Zyxel Providing Smart, Safe Classroom Ideal for Digital Learning 


From teachers to administrators, students to parents — everyone in education is talking about digital learning. It has become the one of the fastest-growing instructional trends in the world today. Many countries are now channelling funds to help schools make the transformation to smart campuses that offer a more compelling learning experience for the next generation young students. Zyxel assesses the needs of schools and creates tailormade solutions for their networks.

Supported by 700 passionate associates worldwide, we serve 150 markets, with over 100 million Zyxel devices creating global connections and helping more than a million businesses to work faster and smarter. 

Zyxel helps schools around the world by creating education solutions that not only integrate easily with existing architecture, but also scale effortlessly to meet the evolving network needs of educational institutions.  


Digital textbooks on tablets have replaced traditional textbooks in many countries, empowering a richer and more diverse learning experience.  

Zyxel has a comprehensive product portfolio from wireless to wired, featuring rich technology options of AP, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching and Unified Security Gateways.  

Zyxel Education’s One-to-one (1:1) computing gives every student access to interactive multimedia content and the internet. This digital learning approach makes content more vivid through the use of multimedia videos that inspires student interest and allows teachers to perform Q&A or pop quizzes to quickly assess understanding and enhance the learning experience.  

Zyxel Education Solution makes sure that each and every student is able to connect and have great learning experience and for this Zyxel provides one very important feature for the Education Institutes which is LOAD BALANCING.!!  

Zyxel Networks has helped over 6,000 education institutes worldwide to overcome their networking challenges and embrace the digital future. With reference to India, we have resolved and improved the network for major leading education institutes like BITS Pilani, IIM Raipur, Integral University, AIIMS, IIM Kolkata and more.  

Features of Zyxel’s education solutions include:  

• Academic networks pioneered the introduction IPv6 globally. Zyxel education solutions support IPv4 and IPv6 transition to help efficiently build academic networks.  

• Specialized antenna design helps optimize the digital learning experience in classrooms.  

• Zyxel switches feature IP source guard and loop guard to secure school networks from being misused. 

 • On top of network connectivity, Zyxel also provides security gateway solution to gate keep the content and prevent network misuse. 



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