Zyxel Smart Safe Classroom Solutions 


Zyxel’s Smart Safe Classroom Solutions helps schools around the world by creating education solutions that not only integrate easily with existing architecture, but also scale effortlessly to meet the evolving network needs of educational institutions… The solution offers empowering a richer and more diverse learning experience to students, because of efficient provisioning, quick collaboration, stable and trusted connectivity, constant protection to their businesses. 

Zyxel Smart Safe Classroom Solutions

Everyone – from teachers to administrators, students to parents – is talking about digital learning and smart safe classrooms. It is one of the fastest-growing instructional trends in the world today. 

Many countries are now channeling funds to help schools make the transformation to smart campuses.  

Zyxel assesses the needs of schools and creates tailor-made solutions for their networks. They also help schools around the world by creating education solutions that not only integrate easily with existing architecture, but also scale effortlessly to meet the evolving network needs of educational institutions. 

New Evolution to Digital Learning by Zyxel helps schools to scale and integrate in no time 

Zyxel offers tailor-made Wi-Fi solutions for education that boast fast AP load balancing and advanced dynamic channel selection (DCS) for Education.  

Zyxel has a comprehensive product portfolio from wireless to wired, featuring rich technology options of AP, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching and Unified Security Gateways.  

Zyxel Education will enable a better learning environment for the students.  

One-to-one (1:1) computing gives every student access to interactive multimedia content and the internet.  This digital learning approach makes content more vivid through the use of multimedia videos that inspires student interest.  It also allows teachers to perform Q&A or pop quizzes to quickly assess understanding and enhance the learning experience.

At the CORE, ZyXEL treats customer privacy better and assures zero breach into your private data.  

Salient features of Smart Campus Solutions from Zyxel are: 

  • Your networking ally for School WiFi – Mostly tablet PCs do not feature Ethernet interfaces, they must rely on Wi-Fi for high-speed data transmission. Featuring compliance with advanced 802.11ac technology, the Zyxel Unified Pro AP series delivers high throughput for heightened performance and a better overall user experience. Unified AP series access points are also designed to support both ceiling and wall-mount installation and can be adapted to different classrooms to provide seamless connectivity. 
  • Offering classroom-optimized stable ‘Load Balancing’ – In most digital learning environments, each classroom is equipped with two access points to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity. The biggest challenge in this setting is how to distribute connections to several student devices quickly for the best possible performance. In a worst-case load-balancing design scenario, the AP could delay or refuse connection requests from Wi-Fi clients, resulting in unbalanced load sharing or situations in which Wi-Fi clients are pushed to more distant APs. 
  • Secure and field-proven network connectivity consistently – Because of their accessibility, school networks are often the targets of malicious attacks and intrusions by viruses or botnets. It is therefore essential for network equipment to offer some form of automated security control to mitigate threats and to reduce the workload on faculty. It is also the top priority to provide content filtering of improper websites to ensure academic quality and safety for school education.  

By implementing ‘Smart Campus Solutions from Zyxel’, school gains multiple advantages and total control. Few of them are mentioned here:  

  • Triple traffic such as video, audio, and multimedia during lectures. 
  • High-density connections for 35-50 students simultaneously in a classroom.  
  • Low latency is required due to real-time and uninterrupted interaction.  
  • Less interference is essential because high-density AP deployments within a confined space result in increased interference among APs. 
  • Advanced Dynamic Channel Selection for the best user experience In extensive Wi-Fi deployments, the dynamic channel selection (DCS) feature can be extremely helpful in saving time that would have been spent configuring access points. However, if such a feature is not carefully designed, the network could face endless channel reselection and changes, negatively impacting network performance.  
  • Access Privilege Management for secured access – The foundation of a secure school network is making sure that all school resources are only accessible by authorized clients. Whether via wired or wireless connections, clients accessing the network should be identified and authorized with specific access privileges through Ethernet switches or wireless devices. Zyxel switches and WLAN APs can work with RADIUS servers to enforce authorized access. 
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