Happy Ambedkar Jayanti


Father of Indian Constitution

Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, also known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, who was an Indian jurist, economist, social reformer, and politician and is best known as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution.

Ambedkar Jayanti is observed on April 14 every year, which is his birth anniversary and, on this day, people pay their respects to Dr BR Ambedkar by offering flowers, lighting candles, and organising cultural events.

Wishes for Happy Ambedkar Jayanti

The Journey

Dr. BR Ambedkar, who belonged to the Mahar caste which was considered untouchable in Hinduism, converted to Buddhism on October 14, 1956, in Nagpur along with 500,000 supporters, after studying the religion for years.

He had great influence in eradicating the social scourge of untouchability in India and also led a crusade for the upliftment and empowerment of Dalits in the country.

On August 29, 1947, that he was appointed as the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee for the constitution of independent India and after Independence, he was appointed as the law minister of India.

By writing the Indian Constitution, he not only broke the social conventions of caste, also changed their mindsets, and urged them to educate and fight for their rights. This also ended the monopoly of high castes, within education, military, trade, social standards.

Wishes to everyone

Ambedkar Jayanti is also known as Bhim Jayanti and is celebrated as a public holiday across India since 2015.

Some inspiring quotes by him, which boosts motivation within:

  • Cultivation of the mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.
  • Freedom of mind is real freedom.
  • Life should be great, rather than long.
  • I am proud of my country, India, for having a constitution that enshrines principles of democracy, socialism, and secularism.

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