New 10G XS3800-28 Switches enrich network flexibility

Zyxel XS3800-28 - L2+ Managed Switch

Zyxel Networks is one of the world leaders in network technologies. Their varied product portfolio offerings include wireless to wired, featuring rich technology, nebula enabled devices. The new 10G XS3800-28 switch is available with renewed features.

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with over 30+ years of networking expertise, offers varied switches, firewalls and wireless access points for industries, enterprises, small medium businesses.  Today, they combine the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for Enterprises, SME businesses and home users alike. 

Zyxel XS3800-28 - L2+ Managed Switch
Zyxel XS3800-28 – L2+ Managed Switch

New 10G aggregation XS3800-28 Switch

Brand new 10G aggregation XS3800-28 switch offers an intuitive user experience, whisper quiet operation and low-latency, high density 10G backbone architecture.

XS3800-28 is suitable for network aggregation such as SMB or campus networks that require low latency and high-density 10G backbone architectures with basic routing capability. It comes with two PSUs supporting active-standby power redundancy that triggers backup power supply if the main unit fails.

The one-touch “Restore” button on the front panel saves the last workable configuration as the custom default, which allows you to fall back anytime with a press in case of network misconfiguration. It allows creating a physical stack through the last four 10-Gigabit combo ports. Four units can be configured as a stack to provide high bandwidth on XS3800-28 for more flexible management. The stacking topology under the ring architecture provides high redundancy in case one of the stacking links fails.  

Enhanced Dual-power feature offers two PSU support as active-standby power redundancy that triggers backup power supply if main power unit fails. Quality hardware design from Zyxel differentiates them from others. This ensures stability and longevity for XS3800-28 within your networks.

Dedicated Networked AV Mode

The XS3800-28 includes a tailor-made networked AV mode when used in standalone mode. You can switch interfaces to simplify the installation of AVoIP with an intuitive wizard that prompts high level requirements for this type of network infrastructure; leveraging from AI intelligence, the switch is then able to remove the complexity by applying all the necessary details to set up a professional AVoIP deployment in minutes.

When deployed in Networked AV mode the switch gives you a dedicated dashboard allowing quick access to the key AV network elements such as IGMP and IP information as well as fast access to configuration functions often associated with AVoIP deployments.

XS3800-28 Switch fits the bill

XS3800-28 switch is suitable for aggregation and virtualization for SMB or campus networks that require low latency and high-density 10G backbone 
architectures with basic routing capability.

Networks with the demand for large installations which need more than just static routes can leverage the flexibility of optional license availability. There’s an option to purchase the basic routing license separately now. The basic routing license offers RIP v1/v2, OSPF and DVMRP to support a more complex routing environment. 

Many salient benefits of XS3800-28 switches are: 

  • Nebula Flex Pro – simply manage it your way 
  • Dedicated networked AV mode 
  • Flexible port combination for all your needs 
  • Future-proof deployments with multi-Gigabit capability 
  • Layer-3 switching capacity 
  • Resiliency and availability 

If you want to know more features, click here to view datasheet.

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